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Navigating the Nuances of Your Next Online Live Event 


Running a Challenge? Summit? Masterclass? Series? VIP session? Virtual event?


It is imperative that your participants feel engaged, cared for and have their questions answered.

It is critical that you gain understanding about what drives your success and what is blocking you from more success. 


You need a trusted team supporting you live and behind the scenes, so you can show up and do what you do best.

Our agency hires out virtual event moderators and strategists for your live online event. Every event is provided with a 60 minute strategy session and two professional, fun-loving, community driven moderators who are trained specifically to read the room which leads to higher conversions.
We also provide investigative research that identifies key indicating factors that lead to higher conversions.  We evaluate and access your SOPs for your online events to ensure that it's attracting your target market effectively through your messaging.
Our agency supports you, while you support your audience.
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You need a team, who truly understands what it takes to run successful live virtual events.


Look no further.

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 Virtual Events

Exhilarating and energizing, virtual events are capturing large global audiences in unprecedented ways. As you bring value and knowledge to the world, we want to make sure you have the support you need to knock your event outta the park. 


Challenges & Masterminds

The CQ Event Agency Founders have run their own challenges and live events and are fully aware of all the moving parts.

You can wear all the hats, but are you skilled in every area? Would your event be as successful if you ran everything on your own? 

You can teach extremely well, but can you engage and take in questions from your community at the same time?

We are your stand-in power team during your live online event so nothing gets forgotten and each participant feels supported, cared for and engaged. 


Many choose to develop and build their summit as an interview series. You want to create a vibrant and electrifying engagement experience for your guests. You want them to feel like they are right there with you and involved in the conversation. We can convey the energy of the live event in your summit by capturing and highlighting the best moments and testimonials. The speakers show up, lean into the conversation and deliver their powerful messages.  As the host, you can give your full attention to your event knowing that we're taking care of the details, fielding questions, capturing quotes and taking memorable notes. We will partner with you in strategic delivery, development and implementation as you rock your summit!

Are you a High Performance Business Leader who has recently Pivoted or is Pivoting Online?


Do you want to Engage and Empower people?


Do you want to effectively & powerfully bring your message to the world?


This is what we do.

Our Team will step in for two weeks and help take you there. 

 We can't wait to celebrate with you!!

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Alyssa Aviles 

Branding genius extraordinaire, Lyss is passionate about seeing small business owners realize their dreams as she guides them to conquer branding and spurs them into success. Lyss is on Pedro Adao's 100X team, is owner of The  Lovely Lyss and has most recently began Awaken & Create where she will be teaching branding through both challenges and online courses. This is what Lyss has to say about working with The Challenge Queens Event Agency in her 5 Day Create a Better Brand Challenge.


"O.M.G. I couldn't have done my challenge without these ladies!!!!

I was so nervous about my first challenge knowing how much work needed to be done behind the scenes. These ladies scooped in and handled the hard stuff so I could just show up and teach. They served above and beyond! Everyday they encouraged me, engaged with the audience, took notes, answered questions, gathered testimonials, and much more behind the scenes! They also gave some great feedback so I knew how to pivot things. I honestly cannot say enough great things about them and I will be using them again for my next challenge !"

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David Morrow

David is a farmer and preacher from Southeastern Ohio and when he opened his online bible study he thought he may acquire 50 participants. To his surprise his group rapidly grew to 840+ and he realized he would need some behind the scenes support. Listen to what David has to say about his 7 week experience in working with The Challenge Queens Event Agency. 


Sue Sundstrom 

Life-long learner and published author Sue Sundstrom connected with The Challenge Queens Event Agency right before her second challenge "The 5 Day Write Now Challenge" with a goal of doubling challenge participant numbers. She was able to concentrate on her goal and exceed it as she passed the other hats off to us. Hear what Sue has to say about how teamwork lead to her success. 


Lisa Monette

Owner and Influencer of Badass Beauty TV, Lisa has recently worked with The Challenge Queens Event Agency on her most recent endeavor The Come Alive On Camera Challenge. Lisa has years of experience helping people be their best selves in front of the camera, including being on celbrity voice coach Roger Love's Voice of Success Team. Listen to what Lisa has to say about her time with The Challenge Queens! 


Andrew L. Ramirez

Andrew L. Ramirez is the Author of 8 Children's Books, and the founder of K.A.R.E. Solutions - a Social Emotional Learning Company dedicated to spreading kindness, awareness, response-ability and empowerment.

Ramirez' mission is to inspire children and adults everywhere to always believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.

He worked with The CQ's in a 60 minute Strategy Call before launching the 5 Day to Write a Children's Book Challenge.

Nadia Khvorostian

Speaking 7 languages, Nadia is multi-talented and well versed in helping women actualize their business dreams. She recognized that her fear of not having the English script perfect was holding her back from taking action launching her online event. Using our a la carte menu, Nadia chose to acquire help with copywriting that in turn gave her the confidence to push forward!  

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